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There are a lot of important considerations when designing a web-site: visual design, functionality, ease of use, search engine visibility, image quality and presentation, hidden expenses such as recurring fees and more. More than most people think of when they plan their first site.

That is why our experience and continued support are important, helping you to save money by doing it right the first time. If you want a simple small-business site like the one you are reading for Eclipse Computers, we can design it and build it quickly and economically with SEO included. Hosting can be arranged from $120 per year.

Our web-designer, Kevin Hawkins, has 15 years experience creating and managing web sites. The images on this page are of current sites he has designed. He is also a WordPress specialist.

Lois Olney

The advantages of having a WordPress web-site are that you can update and create content yourself, using only a web-browser and an internet connection, have a live blog open for comments, a shopping cart and as many other facilities as you can think of, because WordPress is a Content Management System that is endlessly expandable.

WordPress It is used by thousands of companies including Renault, Vogue and the New Yorker magazine. It is also relatively inexpensive and comes with its own custom hosting solutions.

WordPress is open-source software with lots of free add-ons (known as plug-ins) and a large support community, enabling users to expand their site and learn as much as they like from online resources, ensuring compatability and support well into the future. It is for people who want to publish their own pages and edit old ones or have a live blog.


We can also update or revamp your old site, transfer it to the WordPress format, do the SEO (get your site into Google), get your site looking good on mobile devices, create web-apps and iPhone apps, find hosting solutions and provide email and phone support.

Click on any of the images on this page of current examples of our work to view the websites in a new tab.

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